Compass Ag Solutions team is the biggest asset of our company.  Our team is comprised of individuals who believe in our company culture of honesty, integrity, and quality service.  Because we take a team approach to the service we provide our clients, every member of Compass Ag Solutions is dedicated to your risk management.

One unique aspect of the team is most of the members have a direct connection to agricultural production through extensive career experience or through a family business.

The team culture and agriculture background are just a few aspects that make the Compass Ag team a unique partner for your risk management plan. 

Jason Kraft, Owner/Principal, Business and Risk Management Consultant

Jason was raised on a fourth-generation farm and feedlot operation in Northern Colorado. Jason attended Colorado State University where he acquired a BA in Animal Science with an emphasis in Agriculture Economics.  He then joined the team of analysts at Cattle‐Fax where he expanded his knowledge of the cattle industry. Soon an opportunity to join the Risk Management team at RJ O’Brien became available and Jason made a transition. Jason continues to grow in his understanding of risk management as his client base expands.  It was his vision to provide a suite of tools that would complement futures and options execution, so Jason launched Compass Ag Solutions which is a full-service company with a variety of tools to help Ag producers manage their risk. With intense intentionality, Jason has continued to grow Compass Ag Solutions by adding some of the best team members in the industry. He has never been more excited than today about who Compass Ag has become, and where Compass Ag is headed. Jason and his wife, Cheri, live on a farm north of Fort Collins, Colorado where they raise their four kids, Kyli, Tyler, Mataya and Clay.

Bryan Vasseur, Chief Operating Officer / Business and Risk Management Consultant

Bryan is from Oklahoma where he grew up involved in stocker cattle, cow-calf, and wheat farming operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University, an M.B.A. from the TCU Neeley School of Business, and is a graduate of the TCU Ranch Management Program.  Bryan began his professional career with National Farms Inc. where he managed a commercial stocker-feeder cattle operation with locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Bryan then joined Cattle-Fax as an analyst, and he worked specifically with Colorado and Western Nebraska feedyards, as well as, ranch operations in the southern portion of the U.S.  This experience provided an opportunity with the TCU Ranch Management Program where he worked as an instructor and director of the Institute of Ranch Management for five years.  Bryan returned to production in 2006 as Associate Director of Agribusiness and Livestock Operations for Bass Companies. Here he managed the stocker-feeder cattle and farming businesses in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  More recently, Bryan served as Chief Operating Officer for Peyton Holdings Corp. where he led a diversified group of companies involved in agribusiness, energy and real estate in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida, and California.  Bryan brings extensive experience in agribusiness and energy from various regions, and understands the strategies behind them that result in success. He and his wife Heidi live in Fort Collins, Colorado with their two sons Joseph and William

Brandon McEndaffer, Sterling Branch Office Manager, Business and Risk Management Consultant

Brandon was raised on a farming operation in Northeast Colorado where he became directly involved and invested in the cattle industry from an early age. He is still involved in the family business along with his wife Cheyenne. He attended Colorado State University and studied Agriculture Economics and Business Finance with a specialty in investment analysis.  Brandon’s goal is to always understand the client’s business first and foremost, then evaluate the market in relation to the risk management plan. Brandon’s focus is on the cattle and grain markets.

Ty Wilson, Chief Information Officer

Ty grew up in Western Oklahoma and spent summers farming. He attended the University of Oklahoma and after his sophomore year went and worked as a livestock runner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While at the CME, Ty became a licensed broker and then went to work for one of the cattle pit traders who had an office back in Oklahoma. Ty started building his brokerage business with stocker operators from Western Oklahoma while he finished his Economics degree. After graduation, Ty worked for two years at a commodity brokerage in Denver before starting Insight Financial Group (“IFG”) with his father, Bill Wilson. While at IFG, Ty’s passions drew him to Software Development in effort to help Feedyards better measure and manage price risk. The software business evolved into Watershed Ag Analytics. Watershed tools are currently used by some of the largest cattle producers in the world. Ty joined Compass to help foster a culture of technological innovation and develop new products specifically for cattle producers.

Jimbo Mercer, Director of Sales

Jimbo hails from the great state of Texas where he studied Agricultural Leadership and Development at Texas A&M University with a minor in Business Administration. However, he found himself diving straight into college and camp ministry after graduating. It was there that his passion for leading teams and building business upon the value of relationships began to take professional shape. He cut his teeth in non-profit management with responsibilities to hire, train, and lead a staff of 120 while developing a leadership team of 15-20 to serve them.

            Starting a family with his beautiful bride Camy brought them to Colorado and Jimbo’s career to a focus on business development in the for-profit sector. He began in Denver with young tech start-up companies, ultimately leading to a position as Director of Sales for Watershed Ag Analytics, which then became Compass Ag Solutions where he continues in the same capacity. Humility is a one-word definition of success for Jimbo, and his home in the Ag industry highlights that value in a special way.  Jimbo and Camy have been immensely blessed with daughters Clarke and Tenley, two sweet girls full of life and the innate ability to make dad’s hair turn grey as they run around home in Colorado Springs together.

Joe Kovanda, Business and Risk Management Consultant

Joe Kovanda has spent his entire life in agriculture and his career in agricultural commodity risk management. He currently helps people optimize the intersection of cattle production and market economics, while mitigating risk.

Troy Clevenger, Business and Risk Management Consultant

Troy grew up on a third-generation cow-calf, farm, and feedlot operation in Northeast Colorado.  He attended Colorado State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Business.  After college, Troy began his professional career in the dry edible bean industry working as an Operations Supervisor.  He then joined the Compass Ag Solutions team in pursuit of an active role in business risk management.  Troy is still involved in his family’s operation and has a passion for the agriculture industry that stems from his strong agriculture roots.  He resides in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Sydney. 

Barb Newman, Mid Office Support

Barb was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Although she wasn’t directly involved in the Agriculture industry growing up, she spent time on her family’s operations during the summers. She attended the University of Wyoming where she got a degree in Microbiology. After college, she moved to the Fort Collins area to begin a career as a Quality Assurance analyst. After her three kids got heavily involved in the 4H world, she was again introduced and emersed in the world of Agriculture. Barb brings her quality experience to support the back-office, focusing on customer service.

Tess Self, Office Manager

Tess came to Colorado attending Colorado State University where she studied Animal Science and Agriculture Business. Tess handles data, reports and various office and support functions in the Fort Collins office, where her background with the cattle industry has been beneficial. She is responsible for all back‐office functions, including new accounts and payments, as well as client support services.

Sharon Marshall, Support Manager

Sharon graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois with a math degree, and worked as an actuary for more than 20 years. After taking some time off to be home with her kids, she chose to find her second career in the financial field. With several years of experience in equity investing, she made a move into the commodity trading world with a focus on the Agricultural marketplace. At Compass, Sharon’s role is to provide support on both the brokerage and software sides of the business.