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The success of any risk management program is highly dependent on the quantification of the actual risk that needs to be managed.  Simply put, one cannot manage what they cannot measure. The first step of any risk management is to qualify your existing position. Is there a physical position and how big? When does it market? Evaluating a physical position and its relative economic value to the futures will help determine what a successful risk management program includes. Aggregating the physical positions with purchase orders, contracts, futures, and options are imperative in order for a manager to truly know their risk or exposure. This is no easy task, but only then, can you expect to manage what you have measured.


Navigator is lot-by-lot hedge reconciliation done right.  Navigator reconciles current cattle inventory with your trade positions. It gives the advantage of multiple views and analytics that answer the question of “Where am I right now?”. Navigator helps you know your price risk for the fall, provides information on which lots are over-hedged, and shows which hedges you should lift each week with your show-list. Navigator provides you with simple and efficient information that is always at your fingertips.

Cattle Management Systems

CMS is an end-to-end cattle management system built around the integration of cattle and trade inventory. This is your one-stop-shop from projections through closeouts. CMS comes with the automation and analytics that carry you through each step of your cattle’s life cycle. CMS gives you the ability to increase management efficiency, and leverage the breadth of your feeding performance history to make powerful data-driven decisions on the market.

Linus 7

One of the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive, and solid industry financial software packages for measuring risk.  Contact us to find out more about how the Linus 7 software can positivly impact your business.